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Farm Power Northwest

Farm Power Northwest generates clean electricity from cow manure, using an anaerobic manure digester that harvests methane gas. The methane is burned to create electricity for sale, while sending the processed manure back to the partner farmers as an organic fertilizer, now free of pathogens and odor.

Along the way, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by thousands of tons per year. Farm Power produces sustainable outputs while protecting local farms and the environment.

Farm Power is a Washington and Oregon company operating at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

Farmers want manure processing but are reluctant to pay for it. Utilities need renewable energy, and other companies are looking for authentic sustainable products and environmental credits.

Farm Power installs and operates facilities on medium-sized dairy farms, and designs regional digesters to serve multiple farms. The farmers save money without risk or cost, helping ensure their survival. Utilities can sell the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to customers to help promote them as green companies involved in preserving farmland and supporting local farmers. Businesses can purchase fiber or waste services. Meanwhile, communities receive economic and environmental benefit.

One example of the potential: “Farm Power’s Mount Vernon and Lynden generators produce enough electricity for about 1,000 homes. The methane kept out of the atmosphere equals the annual greenhouse-gas emissions of 3,000 cars. The digesters also yield nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer and pathogen-free fiber — straw and such that survived the cows’ digestive process — that the farmers use for bedding in their dairy barns. The two Mount Vernon farms save about $100,000 a year because they don’t need to buy straw or sawdust for cow bedding,” – [Founder Kevin] Maas as quoted in the Seattle Times, 6/6/2011

FarmPower’s client and customer markets stretch across the U.S.

Category: Sustainable Agriculture

Based in: Mount Vernon, WA

Founded in: 2007

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