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ESS, Inc.
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Since its founding in 2011 as Energy Storage Solutions, ESS has been focused on laying the groundwork for a future powered by clean and reliable energy.

ESS Inc. manufactures low-cost, long-duration iron flow batteries for commercial and utility-scale energy storage applications requiring 4+ hours of flexible
energy capacity.


Its product, the Energy Warehouse™ (EW), uses iron, salt, and water for the electrolyte, and delivers an environmentally safe, long-life energy storage solution for the world’s renewable energy infrastructure.

The system’s environmentally benign characteristics, containing no hazardous chemicals or rare-earth metal, make it the easiest-to-permit storage technology in the world. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, the EW has no fire, chemical or explosive risk, eliminating the need for fire suppression, secondary
containment, and hazmat requirements. In addition, the system is fully recyclable at end-of-life.

The batteries are backed by a 10-year performance guarantee.

Utilities, commercial and industrial markets can use these systems on- and off-grid for a variety of applications:

• Renewable energy time shifting
• Demand charge management
• TOU tariff arbitrage
• Energy security
• Utility ancillary services
• Deeper penetration of renewables
• Demand response
• Capacity reserve
• Infrastructure support
• Run generators at peak efficiency
• Microgrid stabilization, energy shifting


In 2017, BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, became a significant investor in ESS Inc., joining forces to deliver energy storage solutions for a
sustainable future.

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Category:       Energy Storage &                                         Battery Technology
Based in:        Portland, OR
Founded in:   2011

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