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ERIC BERMAN:   Board Member

“Sustainability is the biggest challenge we are facing.” 


Eric Berman led teams at Microsoft and Expedia through 2005. Since leaving Expedia, he has turned his attention to cleantech and has made many investments with E8 over the past 12 years.

​For many years, Eric served as the Chair of E8’s Screening and Due Diligence process, bringing a rigor to the process, as well as drawing in and helping to educate members who were new to angel investing.  Eric became Co-Chair of E8 in September 2015.​

Eric runs, a service for pilots to track their hours.

He spends much of his time volunteering with environment- and education-oriented non-profits. He has served on the board of Zeno (a Seattle-based math non-profit), is a trustee for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, a national council member for the World Wildlife Fund, a partner at Social Venture Partners and a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight West.

Eric has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from MIT and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.

“I believe that sustainability is the biggest challenge we are facing. With E8 I can learn about lots of different companies in a huge variety of areas, and when I see one I believe in I can help them to succeed. I’m a tech geek, not a finance/investing person, so working with other members on due diligence is an incredibly rewarding way to move into this space.”

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