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Using its patented Carbon Technology Platform, EnerG2 manufactures engineered carbon materials for applications in a variety of different electrochemical storage systems. The performance of their advanced materials in these devices has potential to dramatically change the way the world generates, uses and conserves energy.

Its most recent innovation is a carbon anode that significantly improves the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries (by up to 30%), without requiring a new battery design or a different manufacturing process.


EnerG2 has also demonstrated that it can manufacture at scale. It received a $21 million federal grant in 2010 to build a factory in Albany, Oregon, which has been operating since early 2012.

Materials in the research and development pipeline include materials to enable next generation lithium chemistries and materials for high-volume, low-pressure storage of natural gas. The company told Xconomy its “specially engineered carbon allows natural gas to be stored at significantly lower pressures, enabling more efficient tank design, cheaper home refueling options, and improved safety—all factors that could help accelerate the market for natural gas-fueled vehicles”.

EnerG2 also manufactures the only carbon proven to improve charge acceptance, power and cycle life in lead-acid batteries.

EnerG2’s process synthesizes high performance carbon materials using proprietary sol-gel processing nanotechnologies to control the molecular self-assembly of the materials from basic chemical inputs. The resulting material has the physical characteristics required for high-performance electrochemical capacitors, but at a fraction of the cost.

EnerG2 manufactures the highest energy and highest power carbons available in the world for ultra capacitors; these offer dramatic increases in capacitance and voltage while simultaneously reducing the total device cost per energy unit stored. This outperformance over conventional materials will accelerate their adoption for efficient energy storage.


Category: Energy Storage

Based in: Seattle, WA

Founded in: 2003

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