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"Reimagining the Future of Batteries."


Ecellix's breakthrough eCell™ high Silicon-content anode technology is a proud winner of the prestigious 2018 Global Innovation Award.


eCell™ is one of the first viable “drop-in” replacements for graphite delivering >3x the capacity of a typical graphite anode - exceptional retention exceeding current industry standards by hundreds - potentially thousands of cycles featuring a single-step fabrication process supporting tunable pore sizes enabling configurable energy density and power.


Ecellix offers a majority silicon active material without the production challenges that attend other published high-Si materials. Instead of separate silicon synthesis and carbon coating steps, the eCell™ high Silicon-content anode is fabricated in a one-step process, reducing lab-scale unit costs by up to 50% and offering superior scalability at lower unit costs and shorter production times.


Developed in partnership with Washington State University Research and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

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Category:      Battery Technology


Based in:       Seattle, WA
Founded in:  2018

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