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 Summer 2023 

Decarbon8-US Request for Application 

Decarbonization in The Built Environment 

Apply online now; rolling consideration until June 26 


E8, an impact investor community specializing in climate tech and cleantech, invites applications from early-stage companies to its 2023 Decarbon8-US funding round focused on technological solutions that advance decarbonization and the built environment. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with a June 26 final deadline. 

Decarbon8 leverages both philanthropic and personal capital to support early-stage companies whose technologies and business models can dramatically accelerate the transition to more environmentally sustainable solutions. Winners will receive investment from the Decarbon8 Fund and will have the chance to attract personal co-investment from the E8 Member community, consisting of more than 140 families and funds in North America and beyond. 

The theme for Decarbon8 2023 investment is The Built Environment. We will focus on innovations that decarbonize manmade structures, including residential and commercial buildings, as well as select urban infrastructure, operating technologies and services. The full lifecycle of buildings, with electricity included, accounts for 31% of US greenhouse gas emissions (US EPA). With existing structures making up 80% of the building stock for 2050, there is an imperative to decarbonize not only embodied emissions but also the operational emissions from the existing stock (McKinsey). 

For entrepreneurs, the E8 and Decarbon8-US opportunity includes: 

▪ Investment capital for your next stage of growth. Winners of the 2022 agriculture-themed Decarbon8 round received an average of $250,000 in investment. Our portfolio in other sectors includes early-stage innovators such as Xeal, recently-acquired Earthly Labs, UbiQD and Climate Robotics

A base for future rounds: E8 investors frequently participate in future fundraising rounds, which have amounted to more than $3M in additional investments the last two years. 

Engagement and support from cleantech investment specialists: E8’s subject-matter expertise and longstanding cleantech networks provide knowledge and social capital to complement our financial investment. A number of Members have residential and commercial real estate and proptech interests, with networks and insights to share. 

Visibility and advocacy for your enterprise, with member engagement, press, and other benefits from successfully receiving Decarbon8-US investment. 

Decarbon8-US 2023 investments will be announced in early September, followed by a presentation event on September 14 to attract co-investment from E8 members. 

Apply through E8’s secure deal management platform from the Fund Brief website ( Learn more here also about the Decarbon8-US Fund’s principles and operations. Page 2 of 2 


Applicant Eligibility 

Eligible enterprises should: 

  1. Be a part of the built environment space, in areas that include but are not limited to:
    • Building construction materials and embodied carbon​
    • ​​Building equipment and operations, including:
      • Building conditioning, heating/cooling and ventilation
      • Building-level energy production and management 
      • Building-level electrification enabling technologies 

      • Building-level carbon capture ​

    • Building efficiency, architecture analytics and IT 

    • Scaling manufacturers and developers of decarbonized buildings 

    • Public infrastructure enabling data and services 

    • Labor and workforce development to speed adoption 

  2. Have generated some revenue, not exceeding $2.5M in 2022, or have field-trials/pilots that can lead to implementation in 2024. 

  3. Be raising investment capital from August - November 2023. We can accommodate companies closing rounds in August with a fast-tracked decision, as well as investment rounds planned to close by November. 

  4. Be incorporated as a for-profit entity in the United States or Canada. 

Please note: E8 portfolio companies and former applicants that fit the eligibility criteria are welcome to apply. 

Evaluation Criteria 

An Investment Committee convened by E8 with expertise in cleantech investing and the built environment will review all applications. Primary evaluation criteria are: 

1. Decarbonization and/or sustainability and environmental impact. Applicants are encouraged to explain how their solution offers an outsized and distinctive impact, what the impact may be at scale, and climate and economic equity factors. 

2. Product development and competitive advantage, considering intellectual property, market opportunity and incumbents, alternatives, and threats. 

3. Management and execution, including factors such as founder and team qualifications and diversity; business model; and progress against plan. 

4. The investment opportunity, considering deal terms, valuation, financials and exit scenarios. 


Selection Timeline 

June 26, 2023, 6pm Pacific Time: applications due, with early applications encouraged. 

July: application review and invitations to semi-finalists to pitch 

August: streamlined due diligence conducted for 3-5 finalists 

▪ Early September: selection of 2-4 companies for investment 

September 14, 2022: investment celebration and pitch opportunity to the full E8 membership for additional co-investment. 


Due to the large number of applications, we regret that we are not able to respond to all applicants regarding application status. Companies that do not advance to the final rounds of the Decarbon8-US process may be considered for E8’s standard funding cycle, which runs from September to May. 


For more information contact us at  

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