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DANA ROBINSON: Board Member, Outreach Co-Chair

“E8 has been great…we came to learn about alternative energy and have met interesting people and made wonderful friends”

Dana brings over 20 years of marketing, communications and finance and experience to E8. Raised by entrepreneurial parents, Dana learned about sales and distribution by visiting warehouses, factories and stores on family vacations and loved it.


She has lived in five countries, forming an international perspective to investing. Dana has diverse experience with both small and large companies including working as a pitch coach for US entrepreneurs, implementing marketing strategies in Asia and developing financial pitches in Europe.


Dana is delighted to be working with E8 companies as a pitch coach and draw on her experience of training executives in presentation skills. She enjoys learning from entrepreneurs who present at E8 and has participated in several due diligence teams. Dana and her husband, Adam, care about the environment and are pleased to have found a way to be involved and invest in clean tech.


Dana graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a degree in Business Administration and Finance.  She has also studied psychology and coaching.

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