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2024: Renewable Energy

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A Philanthropic Impact Fund

Decarbon8-US leverages personal and philanthropic capital to support early-stage companies whose technologies and business models accelerate the transition to environmentally sustainable solutions.

Decarbon8-US provides a means for anyone to invest in cleantech enterprises that are transforming our economy through charitable donations.


Climate change poses tremendous risk to our way of life and that of our children, with 50% of Sustainable Development Goals impacted by threats to nature and its communities (IPBES Plenary 2019). Limiting global warming to 1.5C is going to be hard to hit.

In lock-step with policy, advocacy and research, everyone needs to do their part to drive the decarbonization of our economy. This multi-decade endeavor needs investment as well as engaged, active and informed consumers and advocates.

Your tax-deductible contribution to Decarbon8-US supports investment in innovative climate tech companies and helps drive the change the world needs to achieve.

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