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CleanChoice Energy is a clean energy supplier whose mission is to make 100% renewable energy available to everyone. When customers choose CleanChoice Energy as their energy supplier, they ensure every kilowatt hour of power used comes from 100% renewable sources in that region, instead of polluting power sources.

CleanChoice Energy makes it easy for customers to reduce their impact, whether they own or rent their home, apartment, or business space. They simply make the switch, and CleanChoice Energy makes sure all the energy they use is replenished on the grid with 100% clean wind and solar power.  There’s no home visit, upfront costs, complicated installations, or interruptions in service.


Customers can sign up for their home or business in just a few minutes, with only a utility bill needed to complete the process.

Their customer promise:  ” Right now, the power that comes to you is likely from a mix of mostly non-renewable sources like coal, oil, and natural gas from fracking, which pollute our environment and contribute to climate change. With [CleanChoice Energy], you can sit back and enjoy the fact that you’re greatly reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact on our planet everyday, without having to change your daily routine or make a long term commitment, and without any home installation.”

CleanChoice Energy only supplies100% clean renewable energy from mostly wind and some solar farms. They don’t have any blended products and don’t contribute to any fossil fuel or nuclear energy production.

CleanChoice Energy currently operates in  Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

CleanChoice Energy

Previously: Ethical Electric

Category:     Renewable Energy

                       Clean Web
Based in:      Washington, DC
Founded in: 2011

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