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Cerahelix combines DNA biotechnology with ceramic chemistry to create a new class of ceramic membranes.  


Cerahelix manufactures the PicoHelix, a ceramic membrane filter that achieves ten times higher purity than today’s best commercially available ceramic filters, alongside decreased energy consumption.


The unique combination of incredibly small pores in a durable ceramic material make the PicoHelix the ideal choice for challenging molecular separations.

Cerahelix delivers high performing filter products that meet numerous separation needs, including industrial water-reuse, organic solvent separations, and concentration of bio-based chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The PicoHelix high purity is achieved by using DNA to form pores in the ceramic membrane that are

  • linear

  • nearly identical in size

  • incredibly small (0.6nm to 0.8nm)

These features combine to make a membrane that filters at high flux, and can separate small molecules that are close to each other in size. This ability extends the size cutoff range beyond what is currently achievable by ceramic membranes. Therefore, Cerahelix filters can separate salts, metal ions and sugar molecules that are dissolved in water.

Cerahelix membranes are designed for challenging conditions including high temperatures, low pH, aggressive solvents, and high viscosity, applications where polymeric membranes melt, dissolve, or irreversibly foul.

The durable and robust PicoHelix filters have broad applications across multiple industries that are seeking to reduce their carbon and water footprints.

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Category:      Sustainable Manufacturing


Based in:       Orono, ME
Founded in:  2011

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