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Buildings generate 45% of all greenhouse gas emissions, yet 30 percent of the energy they consume is wasted. If the energy efficiency of commercial buildings and industrial facilities improved by 10%, the collected savings would be $40B and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions prevented would be equal to emissions from 49 million vehicles.

Building Energy puts building owners and managers, along with their energy service partners, on the fast track for efficiency projects and greater savings.

Their 3-pronged approach is “Find It. Fund It. Follow It.”

Find it – Customers use interactive, visual benchmarking against an ever-growing database to reveal the energy and water savings opportunities for their buildings and to identify top priorities.


Critically, the system allows for easy uploading and organizing of disparate data sets.  Building Energy automates the tedious work and organizational headaches of managing legacy building data, increases data quality and accuracy, and frees up staff  time to let customers focus on collecting, analyzing and understanding data in order to manage compliance and promote energy efficiency.

Fund It – Their solution-oriented underwriting model brings data-powered finance™ to projects.

Follow It – Bottom-line savings from energy and water retrofits are proven with objective data through the life of a project. Asset appreciation goes from concept to quantified reality.

By applying data to the built environment, Building Energy helps their partners quickly grow their business and their profits. Energy service providers – LED lighting, HVAC, smart controls, solar, or water management – can be matched with qualified opportunities, and then use that data to continually build on-going engaged and deep relationships.   Building Energy can quickly and easily match sources of capital with projects that best meets their criteria, and provide evidence of success to create future opportunities.

Building Energy

Category: Energy Efficiency
Based in: Portland, OR
Founded in: 2012

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