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E8 is managed by a dedicated staff and led by a passionate and committed volunteer Board of Directors.
The Board is comprised of experienced investors and executives from myriad backgrounds, who bring a wealth of experience and skills.
Tom Ranken.jpg
TOM RANKEN: President and Co-Chair

We can make the world a better place in so many ways.”  Tom is the former President & CEO of the CleanTech Alliance.  Previously, as an entrepreneur, Tom was CEO of VizX Labs and Axio Research Corporation.  He was the first full-time CEO of the state’s biotechnology/biomedical association.  He has an MBS from the University of Washington and a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia.  Tom is active with E8, Scouting, Rotary, and his band, the Ranken File.  He is a runner and is working on his third degree:  Studying Music at Shoreline.

Headshot - Hallman-KD.jpg
KD Hallman: Vice President and Co-Chair

“Facilitating environmental innovation is an effective way to ensure we leave a habitable planet for future generations.” K.D. has a wide range of environmental interests with focus on clean energy, regenerative agriculture, clean water, and biodiversity.  A former Microsoft executive, she now channels her passion and talent to addressing climate concerns through investing, advising, and philanthropy. 


“We have so much opportunity to innovate and implement technology solutions- finance has a huge role to play in broadening access and enabling scale.”  Amy Bann has over two decades of experience in global cleantech innovation, commercialization, and policy. Currently she serves as an executive at Xpansiv, the leading environmental commodities trading platform. She enjoys helping find and grow promising startups with the E8 community.

eric berman.jpg

Eric has been investing in the cleantech sector since 2006 and served on E8’s board from 2010 to 2021.  He has spent most of his career in software at Microsoft and Expedia, and is currently the owner/developer of, a logbook for pilots, an Environmental Fellow, and is actively engaged in a number of philanthropic and environmental causes.  Eric holds a BS in Physics and a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.


Eric Carlson is a Seattle native who returned here after nearly 30 years on the East Coast where he worked as an environment and energy consultant at national and international levels for organizations such as the World Bank and US government agencies.

Mel Clark.jpg

"I am so pleased to join the E8 board positively impact people and our planet."  Mel Clark, the President and CEO of the CleanTech Alliance, is a leader with 25 years of nonprofit  experience.  She has a demonstrated track record of strong fiscal stewardship, staff development, and program expansion.

210204_BLUOX-2_11086 (1).jpg
Mike Grenier

Mike is a cleantech entrepreneur and investor with multiple successful exits over his 20-year career.   As Managing Partner at Blu Ox Ventures, he is dedicated to investing in teams that can accelerate our transition to a carbon neutral, sustainable, clean, and circular economy.

Kathleen Hebert
KATHLEEN HEBERT: Portfolio Management Committee Co-Chair

Kathleen Hebert left her position as Vice President at Microsoft in 2003 to devote her efforts to environmental issues.  She has served on E8's Screening Committee since 2017, and joined the Board in 2020.  Kathleen is also a Board Member of the Clean Energy Transition Institute, a Trustee of The Nature Conservancy of Washington and was a 2015 Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellow with a focus on Water Sustainability.

Harbie Jawanda.jpg

Harbie brings over 15 years of capital markets and finance experience to E8. As an active investor, Harbie focuses on investing in emission reducing technologies and low-carbon assets and is especially passionate about the real estate sector. Harbie is also actively involved in the climate/sustainability space as a mentor/advisor for a number of early stage Climate Tech accelerators and is an Investment Committee Member with the Climate Innovation Fund (Alberta Ecotrust). Harbie lives in Canada with his family and is passionate about continuous learning and identifying new challenges.

Lee Otis - portrait (full).jpg
LEE OTIS: former Co-Chair

Climate change impacts us globally—what happens in one location happens everywhere. From declining air quality to rising sea levels, diminishing biodiversity, and shifting populations, these environmental crises come in many forms. But through our individual and collective actions, we can create sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on our world.”  Lee Otis is a former Environmental Scientist with the US EPA.

himalaya rao_edited.jpg

"I am grateful that I get to spend my career redistributing capital to innovative and radically groundbreaking ventures." Himalaya has a passion for creating equitable capital and resource access to BIPOC founders leading her to co-found and become the Managing Director of Black Founders Matter.


“We have met interesting people and made wonderful friends”  ​Dana brings over 20 years of marketing, communications, and finance experience to E8. Raised by entrepreneurial parents and having lived in 5 countries, Dana brings an international perspective to investing. She has been an E8 pitch coach and involved in several due diligence teams, including as lead.

MOLLY SHOR: Portfolio Management Committee Co-Chair

"I value the collective wisdom that results from E8 members and Fellows collaborating on deal review, and the exceptional questions that result."

Molly Shor has been an invaluable force in E8's due diligence process, and now Chairs that committee in addition to helping lead and guide the work of our other Fellows. Herself an impact investor, Molly seeks to improve the health of the earth's ecosystems.

Ramalee Wulf.jpg

“Facilitating cleantech startups is my top priority.  E8 has provided the opportunity for me to join a band of like-minded peers.”

Ramalee worked for two large tech companies, Microsoft and Accenture.  Her background in industrial engineering, computer science, finance, and operations across many industries, allows her to improve processes, align organizational structures and leverage information systems.  Ramalee applies a systematic approach to early-stage investing.  A primary concern for her is water scarcity and quality as risks to economic development, ecosystem health and social well-being. An outdoor enthusiast, her goal is to support entrepreneurs creating technologies and products to protect and improve our environment.  Ramalee joins the board as Treasurer.

BYRON MCCANN: Board Member Emeritus

Byron McCann gained Emeritus status in 2016 in recognition of his long service and distinguished contributions to E8. Byron served in a leadership role with E8 since its founding in 2006, including as Co-Chair from 2008-2014,  followed by 2 years as Treasurer.

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