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Blue Marble Biomaterials

Blue Marble Biomaterials replaces petroleum-based chemicals with fully sustainable, zero carbon specialty chemicals. Customers can then solve a modern dilemma: producing renewable, natural, drop-in replacements at competitive prices.

Blue Marble’s patented processes use plant material and managed ecosystems of bacteria to produce complex chemical compounds. Customers, for the first time in the chemical industry, have the power to choose which feedstocks will be utilized in producing their chemical products. Further, their compounds are refined using non-hazardous, green chemistry processes.

Blue Marble is bringing unparalleled traceability and responsibility to quality products and ingredients.

Blue Marble certifies that their products are:
• Made in the USA
• Natural (E.U and U.S.)
• Kosher
• Food grade
• Produced with renewable feedstocks
• Allergen-free
• Manufactured using the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry

Category: Advanced Chemistry

Based in: Missoula, MT

Founded in: 2007

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