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BioVantage Resources

BioVantage Resources no longer has an active website and appears to have ended operations.

BioVantage Resources offers sustainable, bioremediation solutions for industrial, agricultural and municipal wastewater treatment. They also provide systems to accelerate the development of algae-based products.

BioVantage believes that waste streams can not only be remediated more completely with biological solutions, but that they can also be turned into value.

Through continuous inoculation of lagoons with carefully selected consortia of microorganisms, their “green” solution accelerates nature to more effectively, more energy efficiently, and more quickly remove contaminants, excess nutrients, and other unwanted substances. Dependent upon waste stream and end-customer goals, the resulting biomass can be harvested to recover resources such as phosphorus, metals, protein and/or energy, or for by-products such as biochemicals, bioplastics, biofuels and/or fertilizer.

BioVantage also provides systems, at any scale, to research organizations, biomass and feed producers who are developing algae-based products. Typically, these organizations are focused on front-end gene or strain research or on back-end extraction, refining, or other production technologies. These systems accelerate their efforts.

Category: Water Technologies

Based in: Golden, CO

Founded in: 2008

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