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Banyan Energy

Banyan Energy ceased operations in August 2016.


Solar manufacturers are struggling to stay cost-competitive in an over-supplied industry with rapidly falling prices. Banyan Energy’s OptiWave™ solar concentration technology fundamentally transforms the economics of the solar power industry.

Banyan optics integrate into standard solar modules, allowing the world’s leading manufacturers of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and modules to dramatically lower costs and increase return on capital.

Banyan’s OptiWave™ technology, based on a breakthrough in waveguide optics, increases power output from each cell by 5-10x.


This enables manufacturers to produce modules with high power output using a fraction of the number of cells by 80-90%. And OptiWave™ technology leverages existing infrastructure: the same cells, manufacturing processes, and system integration practices that dominate the solar industry today.

Modules containing Banyan technology are deployed in one of the fastest growing market segments in the solar industry: large, ground-mounted, single-axis tracked installations. The cost of electricity is reduced, thus giving manufacturers a strong competitive advantage.

Category: Renewable Energy

Based in: Berkeley, CA

Founded in: 2007
Website:  None

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