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Axiom Exergy

Axiom Exergy makes the Refrigeration Battery™, a thermal energy storage retrofit system that enables supermarkets to “store refrigeration” for later use.

The Refrigeration Battery™ enables supermarkets to shift refrigeration loads from expensive on-peak hours to off-peak hours, saving substantial energy costs, while increasing their razor-thin profit margins.

The average US supermarket:

  • Uses 3x more energy per square foot than retail stores (US average from 2006-2012, ENERGY STAR)

  • Spends >50% of its energy on running the refrigeration systems (Southern California Edison)

  • Has razor-thin profit margins of 1.38% (US average from 2002-2012, FMI)

  • Is exposed to food spoilage risks due to power outages (which can exceed $100k in as little as two hours without power)


The Refrigeration Battery™  enables supermarkets to purchase cheap electricity at night, store it as thermal energy, and then use it in the afternoon when electricity is expensive.


It also provides backup refrigeration, reducing the risk of food spoilage during power outages, as it takes as little as two hours without power for produce, prepared foods, and meat to spoil.

The system is simple, high-value, and low risk for customers.

  • The Refrigeration Battery™ System Integrator plugs into the central compressor racks as if it were a new refrigerated display case. It does not require physical changes or controls programming modifications to central refrigeration systems. 

  • The Thermal Storage Tanks are located in the warehouse or outside on a concrete pad.

  • The Refrigeration Battery™ Wireless Sensor connects to the building’s existing electricity meter.

Category: Energy Efficiency
Based in: Berkeley, CA
Founded in: 2013

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