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Autonomous Tractor

Autonomous Tractor (ATC) is electrifying and automating off-road, industrial equipment to help owner / operators save significantly on the cost of their equipment.  Their mission is global food security and agricultural sustainability.


ATC has invented the eDriveTM system, a complete diesel-electric powertrain that can be dropped in to replace worn-out hydraulic motors in agricultural sprayers in a few days by a licensed dealer. The system could also be used in new designs of original equipment units.

Their proprietary electric powertrains are a combination of high-power density, compact, low-cost, highly durable electric motors and a liquid cooling system that competing motors lack.


By electrifying the powertrain, the product will reduce fuel consumption by 30% to 40% and increase the sprayer’s service life by a factor of 3x to 5x, for the same cost to the customer as a traditional rebuild.

There are approximately 100,000 self-propelled sprayers in use in North America for which the hydraulic motors have a useful service life of only ~3,000 hours ( over 5 to 6 years ). For farmers, this product would help them to save money on maintenance and fuel and delay replacing expensive equipment.

Dealers confirm high customer interest in this system as it is expected to reduce downtime, to be reliable when current sprayers in the field are not, and to be more efficient for farmers.

In the future, 
ATC is planning to leverage the “digital drivetrain” to other drivable and autonomous farm implements, such as compact tractors, agricultural combines, an autonomous livestock feed truck and a semi-autonomous baler.


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Category:      Sustainable agriculture                              Advanced Transportation

Based in:       St. Michael, MN
Founded in:  2015

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