We look forward to learning about your company by receiving your online application. 
E8 direct angel investment process  

Your application will be considered as part of E8’s direct angel investment process, a monthly review cycle that runs from August to May (excluding December), as described here.

Due to the volume of funding applications, we regret that we are not able to respond to all applicants about the status of your application.

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Our 2021 round focused on sustainable transportation. 


Check back soon for 2022 funding opportunities.  

Have you applied to us before?

If your company has applied to E8 before, including under our previous names Element 8 or Northwest Energy Angels, please do not use the application process listed below.  It is does not matter whether or not you received funding from us.


Instead, please send an email to the Executive Director, Mike Rea.  E8 has a simpler process for companies who are giving updates to our members.

First time applicants

E8 uses ProSeeder™, an online investment tool, to manage our application and deal flow process.  There is no fee to apply. The application process has 3 simple steps:​

STEP 1: Click on this link

Click on the button below to open the E8 application.​



STEP 2: Agree to E8 Terms

By completing and submitting an application, you, your company and all its employees, agents, contractors and advisers are agreeing and acknowledging that:​

  1. E8 members do not sign non-disclosure agreements and that any information and documents you submit to Element 8 should be considered a public disclosure.

  2. E8 members may share any or all of your information with other angel groups for co-investment purposes or ‘topping-up’ any underfunded investment requirements.

  3. Your company will typically be contacted before the information is shared with other groups and, in most cases, the information will not be shared until some E8 members have made an offer to invest in your company; and 

  4. Your company must notify E8 by email when any investments are made in your company by members of E8 and/or any investments are made by others as a result of your application to E8. 


STEP 3: Complete the Online Application on ProSeeder

While some fields are optional, we highly recommend you take the time to fill-out all fields to the very best of your ability, with descriptions that succinctly and accurately convey the essence of your business. This is the single most important document when the screening committee reviews your application, so please take the time needed to make yours compelling.


Your company’s success hinges largely on the information you provide in the application form, so do not rely on other documents to make your case. To support your case, however, you may upload relevant business plans, marketing plans, detailed financial projections, slide decks and other documents that will help the screening committee and interested members better understand your business.