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APANA™ offers a revolutionary way to manage water that is smart for business and smart for the environment.

In 2014 they saved their clients over 30,000,000 gallons of water in nearly 40 locations. As of mid-2015, APANA™ customers have averaged savings of 20 percent on water use.

Water has historically been treated by business as abundant and unlimited. We are all learning quickly, and too often painfully, that a major shift in thinking is required.

Even the most efficient businesses have failures and leaks, and both can go undetected for a long time, resulting in unnecessary higher water and sewer bills and expensive repairs due to structural damage.


And while business leaders are starting to consider water for what it is – a limited and valuable asset – they increasingly need technology solutions to help manage water as an essential resource. To manage water like inventory™.

APANA™’s comprehensive Software as a Solution (SaaS) helps businesses truly manage water as an asset across all operations, using advanced, proprietary,and self-optimizing algorithms to monitor a company’s water usage. The hardware, including state-of-the-art sensors and telemetry, installs easily into existing or new facilities. Customers subscribe for the ability to manage their overall water footprint through real-time, cloud-based tools.

APANA™ is the only water management system that offers real-time 24/7 notification both to frontline staff for immediate and corrective action and to executive and administrative teams, with the ability to isolate waste events and inform on the best course of action.  It has a track record of proven, measurable results.

A July 2015 article in Fortune Magazine details the success of one of Apana’s key customers in  “This is how Costco is using data and sensors to cut water use”

Category:  Water Technologies, Resource Efficiency
Based in: Spokane and Bellingham, WA
Founded in: 2013

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