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Adara Power

Adara Power provides safe, reliable, intelligent, and connected solar energy storage for renewable energy.


The company, formerly known as JuiceBox Energy, delivers innovative clean technologies to its customers in order to reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions, encourage self-consumption, and to accelerate the transition to a resilient and reliable grid.

Adara Power's renewable energy portfolio includes a broad range of products and services, including their iC3 platform, site controller, turn-key services and complete commercial energy storage systems.


The Adara iC3 Platform intelligently combines controls, connectivity, and the cloud to unlock the energy storage market for global inverter and battery companies. As new battery chemistries and inverter advancement come to market, the iC3 platform can manage the interface between these systems and integrate with higher-level building management tools - all while adapting to the hundreds of use cases and PUC regulations in the United States and beyond.

The Adara iC3 Platform is composed of three critical components required for peak demand reduction, energy peak shifting, voltage regulation, rate arbitrage, comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics, and many other advanced features. 

The Adara Partner Program helps new and established solar installers to make an easy transition into the energy storage industry, and . The Partner Program allows interested organizations to add value via a field-proven product to homeowners’ solar installations. Adara Power’s Energy Storage Systems are offered exclusively through its installer network. 

Adara also offers consulting services to take advantage of its long history in clean technology development including electric vehicles, battery management system and residential and commercial energy storage system and software. 

Category:      Energy Storage

                        Renewable Energy
Based in:       Los Gatos, CA
Founded in:  2013

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