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60 Hertz

60Hertz is the first purpose-built Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to help electric utilities manage fleets of distributed assets. With its microgrid maintenance software, 60Hertz enables rural people and remote assets to achieve their full potential.

60Hertz set out to finance and develop renewable assets in the notoriously cold and dark Arctic, heavily dependent on diesel. The team has invested more than 250 hours of field research rooted in human-centred design in multiple sectors and geographies with different types of workers. 

60Hertz by the numbers: 

  • $146M in energy assets for enabled maintenance

  • 31 utility companies globally

  • $61,256 average annual cost savings

  • 60,000+ jobs completed and counting...


Category:      Renewable Energy
Based in:       Anchorage, AK
Founded in:  2016

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